Our Story

To get that genuine homemade flavor, the best ingredients come from family. Two best friends, two daughters, two sisters, two cooks, two smiling faces, Ashlee and Katie Grimes built this best-tasting Bar-B-Que from the brisket up. Fresh out of college, with fresh ingredients on the brain, these two young entrepreneurs put their home where their hearts are, Winter Garden. With passion, planning and a little help from their family, they set up a bustling BBQ within a year. Named after their two loving grandfathers, they opened their delicious doors in 2009 to the open arms of the neighborhood.

The completely unique menu reads like a well-aged family tree of recipes. Mom mouth-watering slaw, Grandma's famous beans and Dad's signature sauce - Ashlee & Katie are proud to be the 5th Grimes generation in town and the 1st generation to bring the family's secret ingredients to you. Come in, come hungry and become one of the family.